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Bali has quickly grown to become one of the biggest & best vegan food hubs in the world. With an abundance of fresh produce and tropical island fruits on hand, restaurants on the island are constantly pushing the limits and taking plant-based food to the next level.

We first published this guide in March 2020 a few weeks into the Covid pandemic that we thought would last a few months. Unfortunately, we were very wrong and 2 years later our beloved Bali is only just beginning to reopen to the world. Because of this lengthy closure, unfortunately many of the venues we had listed in our first version of the guide were not able to withstand the storm that Covid brought us and have since closed their doors forever :( However, with this, the island has also seen the birth of some incredibly great & new venues and because of this, we thought it was time that the guide got an update!

This new & improved 54 page guide now features all the new (& OG) plant-based foodie spots on the island as well as an expanded section for places that we recommend to stay. We've also added a new section that includes our favourite places to work out & practice Yoga on the island, because we are strong believers that even when you're on vacation you should still try to find that daily balance! 

We are proud to stand alongside some of these magnificent venues and together put Bali at the forefront of the Vegan food scene. We hope you love our recommendations as much as we do! 

Sampai Jumpa!